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Visit Amboise from our hotel

The royal city and the Loire Valley at your feet

Visiting Amboise couldn’t be easier from our hotel. Just minutes from the chateau and historical centre of town, visitors will be seduced by the unique character of its streets. Ideally placed between the Loire and Amasse rivers, the city owes its name and prosperity from its position (Amboise is derived from the Latin word meaning “between two rivers”). With the Royal Chateau, where many kings of France governed the country, Amboise became a hub for artists, intellectuals and scientists alike.

Just 400 m from the Royal Chateau overlooking the Loire, Le Clos Lucé (the final residence of Leonardo da Vinci) is an eloquent illustration of this. Indeed da Vinci embodies the eclectic mixture of intellectual, scientific and artistic expertise of the Renaissance period.

But the history is also made up of more modest and humble figures, of which Amboise has a few surprising examples, such as the troglodyte houses you will discover in the pedestrian part of town. The white tuffeau stone you will find in the town was extracted from the mountain, leaving behind quarries that would later become homes.